Apparance Plugin

The flagship product of Apparance Studios is the Apparance plugin integration for realtime rendering engines and editors and is available for Unity and Unreal. Check back here for status updates as the Apparance middleware is rolled out over the coming months.

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Current Status Alpha Closed Beta Public Release

Visit the Unreal product page to learn more...

Although the Gallery page is mostly a showcase of the Unity plugin, the new Unreal version has the same set of features.

For Closed Beta participants - Once downloaded, follow the Setup instructions on the support pages...

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Current Status Alpha Closed Beta Public Release

Visit the Unity product page to learn more...

Check out the Gallery page to see the Unity version in action...

Other Engines

The synthesis engine abstraction within Apparance allows integration into any C++ third party engine. Let us know if you'd like to investigate the possibilities of adding Apparance procedural generation to your custom engine. Please enquire via email to discuss.

Apparance integration doesn't have to be just for 3D interactive applications. It is a general purpose procedural data processor and can be used in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Generation of HTML & CSS for websites.
  • Conversion of descriptive data formats and binary into geometry and placement information.
  • Building 2D panels and user interface layout.
  • Anything that could benefit from interactive editing and parametric design techniques.

Did you know that this site is build procedurally using the very same engine and editor as present in the Unreal and Unity plugin. See some of the live editing in action in this Apparance web-site editing video.