Apparance Studios Limited was founded in 2018 around a procedural generation project 10 years in the making. We're pleased to be able to bring this technology to you for building exciting and interesting game worlds and experiences.

Meet The Team

Sam Swain

A games industry veteran with 25 years experience working in tools, game systems, and procedural generation.

My LinkedIn page details the projects I've been involved in over the years if you want to know more about my career.

Please contact me via any of the channels below to share your feedback or interest in the Apparance project. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Thomas

Former founder of Moov2/Etch Play, digital creative agency for the games industry. I've spent 20 years building teams who deliver outstanding work to games studios, publishers and games tech businesses.

I have a passion for helping games businesses (and their people) navigate growth and will be helping ensure more people are aware of the incredible opportunities of Apparance.

Here's the official announcement of my joining the team at Apparance Studios on LinkedIn.

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