The Apparance Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 and 5


Current Status Alpha Closed Beta Public Release

Closed Beta

The plugin is currently being beta tested with a closed audience of developers to check the basic functionality of the plugin and catch any obvious issues or bugs gauge initial impressions.


Product Apparance Plugin for Unreal Engine
Unreal Versions 4.25, 4.26, 4.27, 5.0EA
Schedule Coming soon...
Audience Private, limited
License N/A
  • Build of the Apparance Plugin for Unreal Engine
  • Build of the Apparance Editor1
  • Online user manual
  • 1:1 support, feedback, and discussion
  • Editor plugin: Win 64
  • Engine runtime: Win 64
  • Apparance editor: Win 64 (separate auto-download)
  • Expectations - Is it clear what you are getting?
  • Setup - Can you get it installed and running?
  • Instructions - Can you follow how to operate Apparance?
  • Testing - Does it all work as expected?
  • Feedback - What could be improved?
  • Suggestions - What would you like to be added?


  1. Apparance Editor

An internet connection is needed the first time the Apparance Editor is used as it is separate to the plugin and downloaded automatically on demand.