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Have a look round the Apparance Forums and maybe ask a question.


First time users should follow the setup instructions and introductory exercises available here.


A variety of documentation is available online covering the concepts involved in working procedurally, the specifics of working with Apparance in a particular engine, using the Apparance Editor, and details of all the fundamental operators available to build with.

  • Concepts - What's proc-gen in Apparance all about?
  • Unreal - How does the Unreal integration of Apparance work?
  • Editor - How do I use the Apparance Editor application?
  • Operators - What are Apparance procedures made from?


  • The preferred place to get help is the Apparance Forums. Sign up to discuss the software, report issues, make suggestions or show off your creations.
  • If you need direct contact you can email Sam.
  • Or for more general information and updates the contacts page has a variety of channels available.