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Apparance is a new technology designed to allow the interactive visual authoring of detailed and expansive 3D worlds for video games. A play-space for procedural algorithms and their use in the generation of environments and objects.

  • Explore procedural generation
  • Build huge detailed environments
  • More variety for less cost
  • Work visually and interactively
  • Programming meets modelling

Born of a desire to work more interactively, to allow playing with creations in real-time, tweaking, tuning, and exploring parameter spaces freely. Tired of baked operations, compilation, build steps, and asset pipelines. Desperate to escape from the need for levels, invisible walls, loading screens, huge downloads, and limits on detail and scale.

Using procedural techniques, node-graph editing, run-time content synthesis, and scale-free detail management, we are aiming to provide a tool-set and engine capable of fulfilling these dreams.

The Apparance project is inspired by the flexibility of non-linear and node-based editing systems used in film and television, the amazing compression achieved by the demo-scene using mathematics and procedural generation, and the vast possibilities of large scale procedurally built game worlds.

If these ambitions sound interesting to you, please read on...

3rd Party Engine Plugins: Private Evaluation

Working on integration of Apparance into 3rd Party engines. Support for object placement in addition to geometry generation is under development too. Currently working on Unity 3D and Unreal Engine plugins, but the synthesis engine abstraction allows integration into any C++ third party engine. Visit the Releases page for the latest news.

Geometry Synthesis Toolset: Open Beta

In permanent open beta, download NOW! to try the editor, stand-alone player, tutorials, and a collection of example projects. These are full of all the procedural tests and experiments I've built up over the past few years development. There is an in-editor tutorial, and online documentation to guide you through the workflow and enable you to start creating your own procedural marvels.


The latest version is available for download from the Apparance page. Full version 0.9 release notes are available online too.

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