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Tracking of bugs, crashes, and requests, with the Apparance software releases. Please have a look here before reporting new issues.

This is by-no-means definitive, it's just that there is a lot to catalogue, and this page is really a place to expose the top issues and what people are interested in getting fixed or implemented.



Bug : Unity: Apparance Entity property changes not dirtying component
Changing properties on the Entity Component don't seem to dirty the component and are effectively lost if you save and quit.
Repro Steps Workaround

  1. Edit Entity procedure type or size
  2. Save
  3. Restart Unity
  4. Check properties
Disable and re-enable the component prior to saving

Bug : Unity: Closing/opening editor with Unity plugin unstable
Currently you can't close and re-open the editor with the same session of Unity. It doesn't reconnect properly and may malfunction or crash the editor and/or Unity.
Repro Steps Workaround

  1. Run Unity (open a proc-gen project)
  2. Open Apparance Editor
  3. Close Apparance Editor
  4. Open Apparance Editor
  5. Try to do stuff
Open editor once each time you open Unity. Close once just prior to closing Unity. Don't forget to save your work in Apparance AND Unity.

Bug : Wiring Crash
Occasional crash when dragging/clicking wires around too fast.
Repro Steps
Rapidly drag wire connections between connection points, particularly by dragging across other connection points. May be when dragging input wire end over input or output wire end over other output.

Bug : Missing dependencies crashes the engine
If you manually import procedures from another project, there isn't a nice way to sort out missing dependencies, the editor just crashes.
Repro Steps Workaround

  1. Copy a procedure from another project, but don't bring in a procedure it uses.
  2. Open the editor, it will crash.
For now, you can look in the log file ('log.txt' next to the exe) to find the missing ID, then search for this in the source project using your favourite find-in-files tool.


Bug : Stuck in expanded 3D view
Sometimes space doesn't toggle the 3D view back from large view to small view.
Repro Steps Workaround
Not sure exactly, some sort of focus issue. Click in a text edit field, then out again. space should work again after that.

Bug : Can't add operators on top of a note/group
When adding procedures or operators to a procedure graph by dragging, you can't drop them anywhere on a note/group
Repro Steps Workaround

  1. Open a procedure with a note in it.
  2. Drag an operator onto the note.
  3. Let go and nothing happens, no new operator instance.
Drag it onto another empty area of the procedure, then move it onto the note.

Bug : Procedure bounds doesn't update during operator add
The size of the procedure box doesn't update when dragging an operator onto it.
Status Votes
New KT

Bug : Mouse-wheel zooms 3D view without focus
Mouse-wheel zooms in and out of 3d view even when it doesn't have focus. If I right click on the procedure view, the mousewheel still zooms the 3d veiw, but once I left click the procdure view, the zoom on 3d view stops.
Status Votes
New KT


Request : Clearer affordance on proc IO
Completely non-obvious that you can 'select' the input area to rename the inputs, especially as clicking on the current input names themseleves doesn't work.
Status Votes Notes
New KT Yes, not obvious. IO editing at 'bare minimum' at the moment. will need individual selection, re-ordering/arrangement, explicit add, and obviously delete.

Request : Better project management
Currently a faff to create new projects, switch projects. Needs to be better
Status Votes Notes
Low priority KT Yes, agreed. Low priority for now though I'm afraid as there are ways to do these things. :(

Request : Procedure importing/referencing/libraries
To use a procedure from another project is a pain; has to be copied by hand, dependencies unclear, fraught with crashyness (see bug about this). Could reduce problem by supporting project references so we can create 'libraries' of procedures more easily.
Status Votes Notes
New KT The procedure library is a concept that will be a huge boon as more people start making things. Needs to be well supported, fair chunk of work.

Request : Copy/Paste functionality
The ability to copy and paste selections of operators both within a procedure, and between procedures would be incredibly useful
Status Votes Notes
New KT Yes, I need to do a bit of refactoring as I'm not happy with operations are performed internally. Copy/paste is quite a large job to implement properly/well, will probably depend on user feedback and how well things are going.

Request : No way to see non-geometry output in editor
Procedures that generate text or have some sort of simple output value should be evaluatable so you can see the output somewhere. This would be useful for learning about how procedures work since you could play with simple number and text manipulation, seeing the output change as you play. There is a bigger use-case for this though; Shaders. At the moment there is no way to see the shader code being generated by the shader procedures. Although the process is slightly different (they are resources, with deferred evaluation) you still need to see what they are being fed.


Bug : Corruption from undoing add input
Undoing the adding of a procedure input can corrupt procedures using it
Repro Steps Workaround

  1. Add an input to a procedure that is in use somewhere else
  2. Undo (Ctrl+Z)
  3. Refresh (F5) and synthesis will fail.
This has to be fixed manually in all procedures using your procedure, remove references to the procedure input. If you accidentally create an input, I just rename it '_' and leave it.
Status Notes
Resolved 1.0.0 This issue has been around for a long time, sorry. It's just one of those ones you put up with and work around forever.

Bug : Crash launching on Windows 7
Attempting to run Apparance on Windows 7 crashes on startup with no useful information about the problem.
Status Notes
Resolved 0.7.1 I thought this was originally due to lack of DirectX 11 support on Win 7, but it should support it. It now looks like there's a dependency on a DLL that doesn't ship with Win 7.
Update: It was to do with a dependency on XInput 4.1 for gamepad input. Windows 7 only supports up to XInput 3.1 so it was just a question of building against the older version.

Request : Warn of unsaved changes on exit
The editor should warn you if there are unsaved procedures when you quit. Just like all other editors ever.
Status Votes Notes
Resolved 0.7.2 KT Prompts user only if unsaved changes, option to save+quit, quit, or cancel the quit process. Note: Cosmetic, editor-only, changes to are saved regardless, as you edit. e.g. operator positioning.

Request : Back button for last opened procedure
When double-clicking to navigate down into procedures, it would be handy to be able to return to the procedures you came from without having to search for them in the browser.
Multiple procedures can now be opened as tabs allowing easy switching back to previously opened ones. Click tab to activate, to close a tab click the little X button on it (or press middle mouse button on the tab).
Status Votes Notes
Resolved 0.9 SS I'd like to have a richer forward/backward nav bar at the top of the procedure graph, a bit like the call graph navigation you find in profilers.